In this article, we have gathered more than 50 websites from where you can download millions of royalty-free stock photos.


Pay attention to the license under which a photo is made available for download when using free stock photos. The best license is CC0. This means that the only restriction is that you cannot distribute the photo or claim that you are the owner. You do not have to mention the source when using a CC0 photo. is a collection website of photos with a Creative Commons CC0 license. This means that the photos are royalty-free. They can also be used commercially and there is no need to mention the source. only offers artistic, beautiful images. The photos are therefore of high quality.


You will find more than 740,000 free photos, videos, vectors, and illustrations on Pixabay. Pixabay images and videos are exempt from copyright. No acknowledgment is required.


Pexels is a community website where photographers upload their photos and make them available under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This means that the photos can be used freely and no acknowledgment is required.


PikWizard is a database with more than 60,000 images. PikWizard makes the images available under the Creative Commons CC0 license. No acknowledgment is required.

Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups is a great online tool for graphic designers to showcase their work. The website contains a number of presentation mockups using which you can present your website design, logo design or any other type of graphic design. The images are available under the Creative Commons CC0 license, so you can use them without acknowledging the source.

Search engines

You can also search for free stock images within various available databases via the search engines. Make sure to use filters to download pictures only with a CCo license.


LibreStock is a search engine with which you can search through 47 websites for photos with a CC0 license. There are more than 60,000 high-quality free photos on the website in total.


Everystockphoto searches the Flickr, imageafter, NASA, RGBStock, Wikimedia, freerangestock, morgueFile, Photl, Stock.xchng and Wikipedia databases for photos. There are more than 29 million photos in the database.


Foter is an image database with more than 335 million images. Foter has a user-friendly search function. A filter is also available to search for photos that can be used commercially. A source reference must be included with most photos.

Stock Up

Stock Up is part of the Site Builder Report website. Steve Benjamins provides information about online Website Builders via this website. The Stock Up section contains more than 17,000 photos from 31 different stock photo websites. The license differs per photo. The website shows which license photos fall under.

Community websites

The photos on these community websites have various types of licenses. So take a good look at the conditions under which the photos can be used.

Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock contains thousands of free stock photos. The photos are free and can be used for commercial use. No reference needs to be included. You need a Freerange account to be able to download photos.


VisualHunt is a community website that offers photos with a Creative Commons license. The website claims to have more than 354 million photos in the database. The photos can be searched. For each photo mentions which Creative Common license does it holds and whether the photo can be used commercially.


Morguefile is a community website for photographers who make more than 350,000 free photos available. The photos are mostly from amateur photographers. The photos may be used commercially. The website requires credits to be given to the owner of the photo on during use.


Photl is an extensive database with stock photos. Photos from Photl can be downloaded for free (849 × 565 pix) for non-commercial use and with a link to Photl. High-resolution photos must be paid for. The prices of the photos are a lot lower compared to competitors.


Tookapic contains a collection of more than 20,000 photos. The photos can be downloaded and used for free, provided that credit is given to tookapic. You do not have to include a source when paying.


More than 389,000 free photos can be found on Freeimages . Although the website contains many photos, the quality is poor. Freeimages is part of Getty Images, the global leader in selling photos.


Freepik is a website for designers with free logo templates, brochure templates, business card templates (300), stock photos (+108,000) and icons (+101,000). A source reference must be made when using the materials.

Small Stock Photo Websites

The websites below have a relatively narrow range. The photos have a CC0 license, which means they can be used without restrictions. 


Kaboompics is the personal website of the Polish photographer Karolina Grabowska. The website contains more than 500 photoshoots and almost 5,000 photos. The photos are clearly made by a photographer and contain good quality. The website contains a user-friendly search function. It is also possible to search the photos via categories. All photos are available under a license that is very similar to Creative Commons Zero (CC0). The photos are therefore practically free to use.


Mystock is a website of ThemeIsle, a well-known WordPress theme shop. The intention of this project is initially to give users of the ThemeIsle WordPress themes access to free stock photos. They then made the website publicly accessible. The website has a search function. It is not known how many photos are on it.


You can find photos from the collection of photographer Viktor Hanacek (Czech Republic) on picjumbo. The high-resolution photos have good quality. The photos on the website are subdivided into categories. The photos can be used without mentioning the source.


Unsplash is a website where you can download high-resolution stock photos. The website works with a Creative Commons Zero license, so you don't have to give the photographer credits when using the stock photos.


The Glyphs website contains approximately 1,000 to 2,000 professional stock photos. The stock photos are searchable via categories and subcategories. In addition, it is possible to search by color. The photos of Glyphs are made available under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0). The photos may be used commercially and there is no need to mention the source.


Photographer Ryan McGuire shares his photo collection on Gratisography. The high-resolution photos have an artistic approach and are exempt from copyrights.

Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zeller is a photographer who makes photos of cities available. On the website, you can find photo collections of London, Berlin, Geneva, Cern, Zurich, Portugal and Switzerland (nature). The photos may be used for both personal and business purposes. Used photos must be provided with a source reference.


On Iwaria you can find photos that cover the continent of Africa. It is not known how many photos the website has. The search function is limited. The photos can be used for all purposes and do not need to be cited.


Foodshot is a stock photo website with beautiful food photos. The website contains professional photos. The disadvantage is that the photos are difficult to search for. It is also not clear how many photos are there on the website. The photos are completely free to use.


NomadPictures is a website with several thousand free professional stock photos. The photos are made available under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means that they can be used for anything and that no source is required.

My Stock Photos

My Stock Photos is a collection of stock photos that can be used for all purposes without mentioning the source. The photos are difficult to search for.


Stokpic contains several hundred free professional stock photos. The photos contain the CC0 license, which means that they can be used commercially and that there is no need to mention the source. The photos are divided into categories.

Negative Space

Negative Space contains several hundred professional stock photos. The stock photos are searchable via categories and colors. The stock photos of Negative Space are issued under the Creative Commons Zero license. This means that no source reference is required when using the photo.


Photographer Martin Vorel makes his collection of photos available to the public at LibreShot. The photos are of good quality. They can be searched on the website via categories. LibreShot uses the Creative Commons Zero license, which means that the photos can be used freely and that no source reference is required when using the photos. is a small stock photo website. The website contains a maximum of several hundred photos, which are subdivided into categories. LargePhoto' uses the Creative Commons Zero license, which means that the photos can be used freely and that no source reference is required when using the photos.


Albumarium presents the stock photos in albums. There are albums on various topics. Most albums are about nature, animals or people. The photos have a high resolution. The license of the photos differs, but most photos are available under the CC0 license.

Startup Stock Photo

The Startup Stock Photo website contains photos that are particularly suitable for startups. People who work, computer screens, modern offices, etc. The photos have a CC0 license.


Photographer Jonas Wimmerström distributes his photos on the Cupcake website based on the CC0 license. The photos on the website cannot be searched.


Photographer Jeshu John makes a collection of photos available for download on the Designerspics website. The photos can be used in full both for commercial and personal use. A reference is appreciated, but not mandatory.


UX designer Daria Nepriakhina, who lives in the Netherlands, is behind the Epicantus website. The photos are beautiful. Many photos were made in the Netherlands and are therefore suitable for Dutch use. The website has no search function. The photos have been extensively tagged.

Technique Image bank

The TechniekBeeldbank is a Dutch online image bank with more than 1,500 inspiring photos of learning and working in technology. These photos are intended for educational institutions, technical companies, press, and communication agencies and can be used free of charge to inspire young people for a technical study or career.

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