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These 10 Useful Photoshop Shortcuts Will Speed Up Your Work

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Most of the computer users are usually not aware of computer shortcuts. They just know ALT+F4, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and ALT+CTRL+DEL. Many of them don't even know about these universal shortcuts. Computer shortcuts make your life a lot easier by saving you a lot of time. The same is the case with Photoshop. You need to learn all the necessary shortcuts to fasten your work speed, thus making your life easier as a designer.

You must make it a habit to make good use of the Photoshop shortcuts. Even many advanced photoshop users don't use the shortcuts. Thus it takes them an hour to design what they could have created in 40 minutes had they made good use of shortcuts.

If you don't know a photoshop shortcut, you have to take your mouse pointer to the toolbar, select a drop-down menu, and then click on the tool you want to use. If you know the shortcut, you have to press the right key combination and do it in a second or less.

Beginners of Photoshop must master these ten commonly used shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you to work more quickly, efficiently, and professionally. While reading this article, open the photoshop and start practicing using these shortcuts in your design or photo editing work.

1. Save The File

MAC: Cmd + S


Back in those days, when I did not have access to a laptop and there was a load shading problem in our area, I have suffered a lot due to the lack of using this particular shortcut. I had a nasty habit of not saving my work. I would spend an hour on design and forget to save. The computer would turn off because of electric failure, and I would lose a lot of hard work. Using CTRL+S shortcut after short intervals might save you from losing important work when the computer crashes or power off suddenly due to electric failure.

This shortcut key is mainly used when you have done some important steps, and you need to save it, to avoid unexpected situations. 

2. Zoom In / Out


MAC: Cmd + Plus (+)

WINDOWS: Ctrl + Plus (+)

In design, you need to keep an eye on the tiniest possible details, so you have to zoom in and zoom out quite often. It is quite frustrating to each time select the magnify tool and then repeatedly click on the zoom-in button. For a photoshop user, this shortcut is a blessing.


MAC: Cmd + Minus (-)

WINDOWS: Ctrl + Minus (-)

After zooming in, you also need to zoom out to get to the original view or best possible view where you can work precisely, therefore you will be using this tool quite often too. CTRL+ Minus (-) CMD+Minus(-) on Mac is

3. Copy The Layer

MAC: Cmd + J


Choose a layer and copy it. Experienced Photoshop users know its importance, but beginners often overlook it. Making a copy of a layer before modifying it might let you avoid mistakes that lead to irreversible tragedy. 

4. Invert Selection

MAC: Cmd + Shift + I

WINDOWS: Ctrl + Shift + I

When you use the magic wand or quick selection tool, you often need to select the reverse selection of the box, you can use this shortcut key.

5. Deselect

MAC: Command + D


Sometimes you make a wrong selection. You can use this shortcut key to quickly undo the selection. Of course, you can also press the CTRL+Zdo to undo, but CTRL+D is the specialized command for removing the selection. If you made a selection and after this made some other changes, then CTRL+Z won't deselect. You need CTRL+D

6. Desaturate

MAC: Cmd + Shift + U

WINDOWS: Ctrl + Shift + U

This command will shift the currently selected layer into grayscale. Note: it won't turn it to monochrome, but greyscale simply removing the color.

7. Invert Colors

MAC: Cmd + I


This photoshop shortcut turns the currently selected layer into a negative effect inverting the colors.

8. Free Transform

MAC: Cmd + T


Free Transform tool lets you scale, rotate, and skew your shape or image freely. It is a handy tool and is used quite often in photoshop.

9. Switch to Default Foreground/Background Colors



After a period of design, the foreground and background colors do not stay black and white. This shortcut is a quick way to get back to default Black and White Background/Foreground colors.

10. Switch the Foreground/Background Color



This shortcut is handy, especially in the mask mode, for black and white brush switch. A key to complete the foreground and background switch.

The above 10 Photoshop shortcut keys are the most commonly used. Many may wish to print it out, post it on the wall, or recommend to friends around to learn together.

Check out this cool infographic for more shortcuts.

Source: https://makeawebsitehub.com/adobe-photoshop-keyboard-shortcuts/

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